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It is simply defined as an “intimate conversation between lovers in bed." More specifically, “It’s oftentimes an easy conversation about the events of the day or week, in a safe and comfortable space. Afterwards, you fall asleep.” Since the first known use of the term in 1914, it has been the title of books, movies, and songs. Beyond providing fodder for writers and performers, pillow talk can be beneficial to a healthy relationship.

Although pillow talk might occur before or after sex, it is not the same thing as talking dirty. Pillow talk is the “positive and uplifting communication that brings people closer.” That is not to say pillow talk cannot improve sex. To the contrary, a recent article in Healthline noted “a 2014 study showed that snuggling, talking, and caressing all contribute to better sex and a higher rating of relationship satisfaction.”

An article in Oprah Magazine takes a deeper dive into the dos and don’ts of pillow talk. You can ease your way, beginning with light conversation. Leave complaints and work worries for another time. If necessary, you can dispense with talking and rely on non-verbal communication such as gentle touching or spooning. If you’re not pillow talking because you can’t think of something to say, let me relieve you of that concern. There are numerous articles and blogposts devoted to topics for pillow talk from herway to Men’s Health. Take your pick.

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Updated Links July 29, 2022

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