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Focus on Yourself

What is it that visiting a day spa provides? It’s more than simply the treatments you receive. It's the experience designed solely for you, one that lets you shut out the world and focus on yourself. That kind of focus can be accomplished at home—even if only temporarily—by creating the sensorial experience of the day spa. Baths also make a great part of a bedtime routine.

1. Sight: Organize Your Environment

The serenity of a spa is a result, in part, of the careful curation of the environment. Without a doubt, the treatment rooms are scrupulously clean. Once you’re ready to settle into a relaxing soak, the last thing you want is to be distracted by dusty shelves or streaked mirrors and shower doors. Take care of these things ahead of time. The spa is also tidily organized with only those items on display (or even visible) that are necessary to create the desired vibe or to provide the requested services.

This is the perfect time to purge your countertops and drawers of the products you’ve purchased on a whim but thought too beautiful to simply throw away. If they’re practically new and just not your style, place them in a basket in the guest bathroom. Eventually, one of your guests will love the rose-scented hand lotion that makes you sneeze. If they’re long past their use-by dates, throw them away.

The final touch is a cut flower or plant that can easily grow in a glass vase such as bamboo or a Ficus. Live flowers and plants are mood enhancers.

2. Touch: Prepare the Amenities

Arrange everything soft and cozy that you’ll need before, during, and after your soak. Gently hold back your hair with our deliciously soft Spa Headband or Heart Twist™ Spa Head Wrap. A  Terry Tub Pillow provides the cushiony comfort for your head as you lie back and relax.  A favorite of our spa clients, our Wash Me Tender™ Organic Cotton and Silk Towel Sets include a mitt, washcloth, and head towel made from natural non-dyed toweling that is gentle on sensitive or damaged skin.

Once you’re ready to emerge, step out of the tub onto the cushion of our non-skid cotton bathmat, dry off with one of our fluffy, white bath towels, and wrap yourself in a luxurious Taurus Mountain Robes. For a special treat, consider a bucket towel warmer for your bath towels and robe. You’ll feel pampered from head to toe. 

3. Hearing: Bring in the Sound

There’s nothing wrong with the sound of silence. If, however, silence only leaves your mind to whir, take this time to enjoy whatever sound you find soothing, be it Broadway showtunes, classical music, or white noise. Turn it on and tune out everything else.

If your bathroom is already wired for sound, you’re all set. If not, consider purchasing a waterproof, portable blue tooth speaker to surround yourself with whatever sound relaxes you. The blue tooth speaker allows you to enjoy the sound without fear of getting your phone wet. It also lets you leave the phone in another room, eliminating the urge to take one more look.

4. Smell: Add Aromatherapy

You can achieve the spa scent at home in the same way the professionals do: Adoratherapy room sprays, candles, diffusers, and sachets. There are any number of ways to add soothing scents to your bathroom. Consider placing a eucalyptus bundle in your shower and letting it run for a few minutes to release the spa-like scent in the bathroom as you prepare your bath.

Remember, as with adding seasoning to your food, it’s easier to add than it is to take away. Use a light hand when starting with scents.

5. Taste: Stay Hydrated

Great spas never stop plying you with liquids. Baths and treatments can be dehydrating so be prepared with something to drink. Water is always a winner. Dress it up with lemon, lime, or cucumber slices or a sprig of fresh mint, slightly muddled to release its flavor.

To avoid the drying effect of baths on your skin, enjoy a warm but not hot bath and limit the length to between 10 and 15 minutes. Bath bombs and other bath additives can further dry skin. Consider adding bath oils to the water and be sure to moisturize your skin while it is still damp after your bath.

We wish you moments of at-home bathing bliss.

-The Team at Down Etc

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