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At this time of the year, Americans proudly celebrate the United States of America!

They celebrate the American spirit of independence, entrepreneurship, refreshment, and renewal. This month, Down Etc, a U.S. company dedicated to hospitality and providing a Great Night’s Sleep, invites its customers, friends, and family, each in their individual way, to enjoy “Americana” culture.

The United States is blessed with natural beauty and splendor. From the mountains to the prairies, from the deserts to the glaciers, and from sea to shining sea!

In honor of the 2016 Centennial Celebration of the National Park Service, the agency tasked with protecting our national parks, Down Etc. will donate to the National Park Service 10% of products purchased during the month of July.

Yellowstone, the first national park, was established by Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. The National Park Service currently operates 59 protected areas known as national parks. We encourage our customers, friends, and family to consider visiting and experiencing the natural beauty and splendor of one of the Great National Park Lodges. Andrea Cooper from Travel + Leisure Magazine has published a guide to a number of these lodges we think are particularly worthy of exploration, including:

The Majestic Yosemite Hotel: Yosemite National Park in California. Art Deco, Native American, and Arts & Crafts initially defined the architecture and interior feel of The Majestic Yosemite Hotel. Recent renovations and updates have revealed historical archives and early design influences of English country-house décor. Today, the Hotel features new rich tapestries, stained glass, and hand-stenciled beams.

Glacier Bay’s Bear Track Inn: Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. In addition to the friendly staff and impeccable personal service, the Inn provides guests with viewing points to see black bears, moose, and humpback whales. From dog-sled rides to rock climbing to guided kayak trips, the lodge is the perfect setting for comfort and luxury with suede sofas by large stone fireplaces and luxurious bed linens at night!

Greyfield Inn: Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia. Travel and Leisure published, “If an island with wild horses doesn’t sound romantic enough, consider that the 16-room secluded Inn was the choice of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn Bassette for their 1996 wedding party.” Extraordinarily Southern in feel and design, the Inn features extensive gardens, Spanish moss, and a locally-sourced dining experience that includes collards grown right on the island. Plan to enjoy a very private beach while you cuddle-up and wish upon the zillions of stars you will see at night!

El Tovar Hotel: Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Stationed on the rim of the Grand Canyon, this heavenly resort has become one of the treasures of the National Park Service. The lodge capitalizes on the magnificent views available both day and night with front porches, observation decks, and great window vistas. In addition to top luxury sleeps, guests are treated to hearty breakfasts complete with gourmet refried beans, chorizo, a variety of salsas, and fried bread!

The Inn at Brandywine Falls: Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio. A Great Lakes eco-green treasure of an escape that comes complete with antiques, locally cultivated eggs, organic Midwest garden harvests, and the 67-foot Brandywine Waterfall. The suites include a former barn complete with wide plank floors and a king-size bed in a sleeping loft. Ohio is well-known for its great summers with cooling breezes fed off nearby Lake Erie.

Old Faithful Inn: Yellowstone National ParkPerhaps the most famous lodge in any of the national parks, it is very difficult to book an overnight stay at the Inn during the height of the summer season!

We invite you to join us in honoring The National Park Service in celebration of a centennial devoted to protecting our national parks.

Updated Links August 3, 2022

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