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Eye masks are a great aid to a good night's sleep. Poor quality or insufficient sleep can negatively affect memory, attentiveness, and performance. It is not simply the duration of sleep, but the quality of sleep that is at issue. The goal is comfortable and restful sleep without disturbances. One of those disturbances is ambient light, whether it is natural light coming through windows or artificial lights present in your bedroom. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “A key factor in regulating sleep and your biological clocks is exposure to light or to darkness so falling asleep with lights on may not be the best thing for a good night's sleep.” It recommends keeping your sleep environment dark by using light-blocking curtains or an eye mask. If you wake at night, you should avoid light by using a low illumination night light. 

Relax Eye Mask Wake Up with a Smile

When it comes to eye masks, there are many from which to choose. The bells and whistles that accompany many of these masks are awe-inspiring, from weighted masks to masks providing light therapy. If your goal is to guard your sleep from invasive light, a simple, lightweight, soft mask will do the trick. Guard your sleep against all ambient light with one of Down Etc’s Eyesdown™ Bright-Eyed or Relax Eye Masks.

Constructed of a 100% black poly silk inside for a soft touch against your face and a black terry outside embroidered in purple with the word "RELAX," the Relax Eye Mask will protect your eyes from both daylight and the glowing buttons on the digital devices in your room. An elastic band with Velcro closure fits all sizes. If color is your thing, consider the Sunshine Yellow, Azure Blue, or Fuchsia Eyesdown™ Bright-Eyed Eye Mask. It offers the same 100% poly silk softness against your skin but presents a colorful polyester silk front to the world. An elastic strap fits all sizes. Packaged in an organza bag with beaded drawstrings, this brightly colored eye mask is the perfect gift for someone for whom you wish a great night’s sleep.

Protect yourself from ambient light and have a great night’s sleep!

To learn more about how to get a great night's sleep, check out our exclusive interview with sleep disorders medicine expert Dr. Lawrence Kline.

Updated Links July 29, 2022

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