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When it comes to sharing your bed with a partner, there's always going to be some amount of trial and error involved in getting comfortable and acclimating to the other person's sleep habits. Some people snore and some are blanket hogs. Some roll around all night. You could make the prospect of sharing a bed a bit easier by, say, purchasing a king-sized mattress that will give both of you plenty of room. Of course, the bedding items you select could also make a big difference in helping you and your partner achieve a great night’s sleep.

Finding the Right Temperature

First, you need to address temperature. Getting too hot or too cold at night will definitely keep you awake. If you and your partner sleep at different temperatures, separate down comforters can be the answer.  Each of you can select the weight that provides the desired warmth.  Problem solved!

A Perfect Sleeping Pillow

Second, and just as important as temperature, is your choice of sleeping pillow.  You and your partner may have entirely different needs when it comes to the pillow that will provide the best sleep depending on your different sleeping positions and preferences. The right pillow can diminish snoring, reduce rolling, and shield you from arms and legs being flung about. Don’t restrict yourself to standard pillow sizes and shapes. These certainly have their place, but your sleep could be revolutionized by the addition of a body pillow, euro square pillow, king-size pillow, or wedge that helps you or your partner find the perfect sleeping position.

Sharing the Sheets

Finally, consider changing up your sheets.  If you're suffering from cold tootsies night after night because your partner kicks out the sheets, you should upgrade to the next size of flat sheet. The extra length may stay tucked in better. Different or coordinated pillowcases can ensure you and your partner always end up with your own personal pillows instead of getting them confused and suffering from poor slumber as a result.

Separate Comforters

Replace your king- or queen-size comforter with two twin-size comforters. Separate comforters will eliminate the push and pull throughout the night. It will also allow you and your partner to choose the comforter weight that works best.

Updated August 3, 2022

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