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Sleep Tips for the Summer Months 

It’s Summer Time and the Living is Easy…

The chorus to the popular song by Ella Fitzgerald is a classic, but although the living is easy, sometimes sleep doesn’t come that way. Due to humidity, heat, heavy foods and drink consumed during summer cookouts, and extended hours of light, a great night’s sleep in the summer can be tough to come by.

As part of our Endless Summer series, our team has compiled some helpful tips to getting a great night's sleep during the summer months. 

1. Drink up to cool down – Before bed, consume 8oz of ice-cold water or a glass of iced chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is naturally caffeine-free. The light and crisp flavor is soothing and relaxing. The iced beverages will help lower your body temperature and begin to relax your body for a restful slumber.

2. Lavender lullaby – Lavender helps promote peaceful sleep. Researchers at Britain’s University of Southampton, as well as psychologists at Wesleyan University, have observed the benefits of lavender on sleep, with research indicating that participants who were exposed to lavender essential oil prior to sleep, rested more soundly and experienced more energy the following day. For a great night’s sleep, we recommend lavender aromatherapy, an essential oil diffuser, or light application of lavender oil prior to bed. In addition, you can spritz your room and sheets with lavender oil or use an aromatherapy pillow for continued lavender release throughout the night. 

3. Cut the light – Extended daylight can be great for having more time in the day to experience summer’s joys, but can wreck havoc on your sleep schedule if you have to turn in early. We recommend dark, black-out shades or an eye mask to help ensure a completely dark environment. Technology devices should also be tucked away at least 30-minutes prior to bed. Screens of phones, computers, TVs, and other technology emit light that can make it difficult for your body to relax and begin to wind down.

4. Lightweight bedding – Heavy bedding can make it difficult to stay cool in the summer. Keeping a lightweight, breathable comforter or duvet on the bed is important to maintaining a cozy, yet cool sleeping environment for even the hottest summer months. We recommend summer-weight comforters that are cool and breathable, but still provide a luxurious night’s sleep.
5. Sleep naked – Sleeping naked helps maintain a consistent body temperature. Consistent body temperature is important for achieving deep and restorative sleep. So for a great night’s sleep lose the PJ’s and hit the bed in your birthday suit.

Getting a great night’s sleep during the summer is within reach. Try the tips above and check out our favorite summer-weight comforters for a cool, lightweight option for a luxurious night’s sleep. Be sure to get a full night of restful sleep so you can enjoy the last days of this Endless Summer!


Updated links August 2, 2022

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