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A Wellness Point of View

Natural wonders and a vision of wellness make Indian Springs Calistoga a self-care destination. Located at the north end of Napa Valley, the property covers 17 acres of stunning landscape, which includes four thermal geysers and extensive gardens, surrounding a premier historic resort and spa. Indian Springs offers a combination of natural wonders and options for relaxation that make it a destination location. Here are five reasons you might not want to miss it. 

1. Hot Springs

Main Pool

A natural phenomenon at the heart of Indian Springs, the thermal geysers form the unique feature with which we must begin. According to its website, a volcanic eruption millions of years ago created a fissure that allowed groundwater to reach the hot magma below before resurfacing as four thermal geysers. These thermal geysers provide mineral water for the pool and volcanic ash used in the mud baths. The original spa, mud baths, and pool were built in 1861. Since purchasing the property in 1988 and renaming it Indian Springs Calistoga, the Merchant family has expanded the number of rooms and enlarged its gardens.

2. Mud Baths

It’s the mineral water combined with the volcanic ash that creates the mud for Indian Springs Calistoga’s mud baths. Unlike what you might imagine, you won’t sink into the mud like you would sink into a bathtub filled with water. It’s a feeling of being suspended on the mud while the attendants paint more mud over the top of your body. You choose whether to experience the mud baths naked or while wearing a bathing suit. There's no judgment.

The mud smells of minerals and provides a warmth that leads to the sweating away of impurities so that you are left with skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s a unique experience that would be hard to replicate at home. You should be sure you have no sensitivities before signing up and climbing in and it’s not suggested if you’re pregnant. Following the mud bath, you’ll rinse, rest, and cool off.

3. Restorative Pools

Main Pool at night

The restorative powers of the Main Pool, an Olympic-sized mineral pool, cannot be diminished even by a rainy day. In fact, guests seemed to enjoy the warmth of the pool and the benefits of mineral water for soothing pain and relieving symptoms of dry skin even more in the face of cloudy skies above. The pool is open until midnight, providing the perfect way to unwind after a day spent exploring. Even if it’s not a late-night soak in a thermal spring at a resort, we highly recommend the practice of taking a warm bath as part of your bedtime routine for the calm it can bring as you prepare for sleep.

The second pool, the Adult Pool, is smaller and cooler. Enjoy it to bring your temperature down after a soak in the Main Pool

 4. Buddha Pond

Buddha Pond

As part of their efforts to consistently fill the wellness cups of their guests, the unique Buddha Pond is presented as a tranquil space filled with a geyser-fed pond, gardens, and an outdoor fireplace lounge. It’s perfect for relaxing, meditating, and sipping on a special water while you relax after a treatment. 

5. Wellness Experience

woman sitting in front of fireplace

Sitting in front of the fireplace in the Terrace Room Library while cradling a cup of coffee in the morning is the perfect way to gather your thoughts to get the day started. You can also stop by later for a break from activities.

You’ll see visitors moving between their rooms, the pool, and the spa in their hotel robes and spa shoes. The strategically located Flowater stations encourage hydration, perfect after mud baths and soaks in the warm mineral pool. The energy of Indian Springs Calistoga is laid back to continue the healing efforts of the treatments.

We thoroughly enjoyed the wellness point of view with which Indian Springs Calistoga approaches its offerings. Each one appears designed to create the calming and uplifting experience that defines self-care. We took home as many of their wellness notes as possible to enjoy until we return.

-The Team at Down Etc


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